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Exposing my nude wife to my friend

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Exposing my nude wife to my friend

Hello people, this is my first post here. And please excuse me for my broken english - I'm not a native speaker.

It was that very hot summer in Russia, and needless to say me and my wife was totally naked in our home all the month. The weather was really hot, it was like 30 Celcius or even more during the day and like 28 during the night. It was like a constant torture, but I've found a way how to turn this torture to pleasure.

The other day I was talking by cellphone to one of my close friends. I knew that my wife was attracted to him in a sexual manner, she told me some fantasies about him and whenever I was talking about him she became a bit excited. So I invited him to our home on the next day. My plan was not to say about it to my wife, I just told her that tomorrow when I will come from work we would have some family concerns. I was hoping that she will be naked as usual.

So the next day I've met my friend and we both was heading to our home. I opened the door and let him to come in first. Things was as I expected - the wife was totally nude, on her way from the room to the kitchen, waiting for me and thinking about that family concerns. When she saw my friend staying in the door in front of her she was completely surprised. She apologized for her nudity and ran to the room to get some dress.

So three of us spend the evening chatting about things and my friend was pretendig like nothing unusual has happened, but my wife was visibly red faced and excited in the same time. And when I asked her the next day about her feelings she said that it was very pleasurable and sketchy experience, and even that she fell in love with my friend a little bit. And I was happy to make her feel in such a manner and nevertheless I was proud of her naked
beauty and was thinking that none of my friends girlfriends could be compared with my wife.
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