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First Time Masturbation and Orgasm

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Default First Time Masturbation and Orgasm

I was a bit of a latecomer to the world of sex. My father had died when I was eleven years old, so my mom worked a lot of hours to pay the bills. My three oldest siblings were already out of the house, so it was just my mom, one brother and me. By the time I was a junior or senior in high school, I pretty much was in charge of the house. It was my responsibility to cook, clean, do the laundry, etc. My brother was hardly ever home. He was a big time jock and always had practice or was working out, and my mom was always at work.

One day while I was cleaning my brothers bedroom, I noticed that his closet need to be cleaned. I started taking things out so I could organize, and I found a stack of Club magazines hidden in the back under a duffle bag. I pulled one out, and looking at the cover, couldn't wait to tell my mom. I could only imagine how much trouble he would be in.

Out of curiousness, I opened the top magazine up and saw some of the pictures. I remember getting a "weird" tingling feeling inside. I don't know why, but my hand went to my crotch, and I started to rub myself through my jeans. I had never seen a pussy in a sexual context before, just an occasional glimpse in the locker room at school, which had never had an effect on me.

As I continued from one pictorial to the next, I unzipped my jeans and slid my hand inside my panties. I remember being struck by how unappealing my "big mama" cotton panties were compared to the silky little bikini panties, garter belts and sexy bras and corsets the women in the magazine had on. I had never even been wet before, so it was very thrilling dipping my finger in my pussy and rubbing what I would eventually find out was my clit.

Pretty soon the magazine was laying open on the bed, my jeans and panties were bunched around my ankles, my fingers were inside my pussy ad I was rubbing and pinching my nipples up under my shirt and bra. I couldn't comprehend what was happening to me, but the pleasure I was feeling was by far better than anything I had experienced up until then. I continued exploring myself with my hands, becoming intoxicated with the smell of my pussy. Without even thinking I began to lick my fingers, tasting my sweet juice.

I was completely enthralled with myself and the images from the magazine. I have no idea if I screamed or groaned or made any sound at all as I was completely overcome by my orgasm. I really didn't know what just happened, but I knew I liked it a lot. I obviously thought of nothing else the rest of the day and when I went to bed that night I masturbated again.

I never told my mom about the magazines, and I continued to use them while masturbating until my brother left for college. I don't know if he took them with him or if he threw them away. I've never told him I found his stash either.

I've been masturbating to orgasm at least once and more like twice a day ever since, and as soon as I moved out of the house I got rid of the "big mamas" and bought some nice sexy panties and lingerie. To this day, I luv the feeling of soft silky materials rubbing on my shaved pussy lips and still like to look at porn when I masturbate.
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Default Love it

Great story! I love when a woman admits to masterbation. I think it is soooo hot! I would love to watch and or join in.
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Very hot story. Tasting own juice is very erotic.
Almost identical to how i started however i had been doing it before without porn because i always felt 'itchy' there!!
My brother kept pornos under his bed and i remember seeing one picture that had a man and woman doing the splits laying on their backs while pushing themselves together. So his semi erect cock was pushed up against her very hot pussy. I must have came to that photo hundreds of times!
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Default Mine is stupid

I was sixteen and did laundry for the family on the weekends. I am short and was streaching to get some soap off the shelves above the dryer and rubbed up against the dryer (spin cycle). Oh my god it felt great! I stood like that for like 10 minutes! My legs were cramping and I just kept the spin cycle going. After I came I covered my self ( wet spot) with the laundry basket and walked toward my room. My mom asked If I felt OK...."you look red". I told her I was just tired. After that I did the laundry more often!
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Thumbs up

I.m very proud of this piece of writing simple clear effective full of eroticism and great at the same time as if it was been written at the puberty
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