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Fun at the Mall !!

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Post Fun at the Mall !!

This story started on Saturday afternoon there's a small mall & shopping center near by our house. I'm that Mall there is a skating rink. So that afternoon I was asked to come over to the rink to watch my cousin play a game of hockey. So I did I go there at 4 and it ended around 5:30. Had a good time I was with my mom and dad and uncle & aunt. So when the game ended and after we all said goodbye it was than around 6. My parents went home and I decided I might as well look around and stuff since I'm at the mall. So I did until 8. Than After shopping and stuff I decided to go to the small food court and get something to eat. By than it was 9 and stores were slowly getting ready to close and there was barely no one. So I had to go to the bathroom now this is were it gets a little weird. I hadn't tried on the clothes yet since I was hurrying up and since those stores were closed I needed and wanted to try on a couple of shorts in the bathroom. I mean no one was in the mall so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. So I go to the bathroom of the basement I guess you can call of the mall. As I go in no one's there, so I take off my jeans and try on the first pair and as I'm trying the first pair on the janitor walks in. The janitor is a white male 40 years of age, 200 pounds but pretty stocky and is 5 foot 12. Anywase so I'm trying on the shorts and he walks in and has a smirk on his face. He says to me as I'm bending down and taking them off 'They look good on you' I said thanks?? Kind of hurrying up to leave as I notice he's walking towards the door he locks it with his keys and puts out a sign on the outside of the door 'Bein Cleaned' I asked him to open the door he walks up to me and says to me why? Don't you wan to have a bit of fun? I said ok what? He says well I don't know screw around a bit. I said Christ no! I never had sexe with a guy. He looks at me and says it's not all bad it's pretty fun! While he's talking to me he's starting to take off his uniform. I was shaking cause I was a bit nervous and not sure what to do. He grabbed my hand and led me to the far corner of the bathroom. Where he pulled out a nice 6.5 inch cock appromimently. I sucked it, it really felt weird. But I sucked it for about 7 mins. Than He pulled down my underwear since I was changing and started squeezing ass while I was being grinded against the wall in te corner he than starts fingering my ass and brings it up to my mouth were I than sucked the finger he fingered into my ass. Than after all this which has been 15-18 minutes I got a bit more and more horny. So than he starts to fuck me against the wall he fucked me in that position for about 5 mins. Than We lied on the floor and fucked like that for 7 mins sideways of course which felt dirty. The dirties position of all was he went to one of the toilet bowls where he sat on and I sat on him as he fucked me for about 5 mins. Than what was really dirty but turned me on in some weird way. He grabbed my neck and made my lick the toilet seats the rim part and than told me to sit infront of the toilet bowl an lean my head backwards were he than pissed on my head. After that I dunked my whole head in the sink to wipe the piss off. After that He than proceeded fucking me a bit longer and than took a huge cumshaw all over my face. Were he than started making out and kissing me while licking the cum on my face and lips. I than got dressed and wiped the cum off my face where as he unlocked the door and looked out to see if anyone was there than let me go and I walked out of that mall completely find fucked thinking to my myself Did I just have sexe with a guy!? Because it felt so good but so weird
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