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sex with hot college girl !!!

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Hi, I'm new here
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Smile sex with hot college girl !!!

My name is gaurav 18 yr I want to share my sex story which happen with my charming & beautiful college going tution teacher.let me describe her she was 5'8 ft tall as same as mine, supple skin and fair body ,she has a nice pair of boobs ,whatever she used to wear her cleavage was quite visible if anyone get close to her,big butts and smooth clean legs,mostly she used to wear tight jeans with a top & sometimes she covered her legs with leggings or high socks( which girls usually wear) with a shirt,she was a sex bomb with milky boobs,as she was herself a student of Delhi University she was very much in latest fashion & followed trends.
It happen last year in 2011 .
I don't want to study in group so I called a institute for home classes they
asked my residential address and said
they are sending you a teacher good
in mathematics,accoutancy and English.i said ok.....i thought they would be sending sir or any specialist...very strict in nature.but
When I saw its a lady name ****** I was surprised.she told me about timings would be between 5 to mother asked her questions,where she is from? She was from Agra. Which college ? Where she stays .
We used to study in a room where my mom make frequent visits,sometimes sit with us and talk to her ,like women generally do.
She was in 2nd year of college.i always used to take her fantasy and lost with it.she used to come alternate days and she always get late so my mom somtimes scolds her.After 5 months
We got familiar with each other like close friends and discuss very thing.
Eat food,play x-box games,share ice-cream sundae, together many times....i always call her with her name.i also flirts with her...pulling her hair & snatching her cell phone & read msgs,escort her to her hostel.I used to irritate her...once I locked her inside washroom .
We don't talk when my mom is moving around.
One day it was September, and summers were about to over my parents had to go for shopping every day for upcomming someone wedding... ...means too busy
She was very disciplined girl ,that day no one was at home she came.she poked me from behind asked me where is your mom? I told her she will come late gone for shopping, in return i also poked the same way but on her cheeks.It was 5:10 Pm approx.she came closer to me & lean forward ,I've thought she wants a kiss from me.she said 'see what.....i was looking her boobs .. I got a nose piecing how's that ......'i said its HOT....
she gave me few questions to solve and resting herself on couch ,she told me that she is really very tired today so wanted to rest .i said nothing to her
She was looking hot .I was not in mood to study so i wrote silly answers in the notebook,thn she said if you don't do my work I'll take you along with me to my room .Than she herself started laughing on what she said.
I said plz do this like to come to your place....
I was looking into her boobs when she was laughing ,she said stop looking like this ...i said those two dimples are ....amazing when U laugh !!!!!!
But she knew ......i was looking at her boobs not dimples...!!!!!
I can't control myself to see her.
than we had a chat about different places in Delhi.i asked why r u asking about places ? ,are you going for date....?
while talking I was looking in her cleavage again !!!she knew this,her boobs were bulging out gr8 butts resting on couch.
we were talking about celebrities than...i told her that i like Pamela Anderson. She said 'she is a bitch every boy loves her for her boobs'. i was very much open with her .i asked abt her boyfrnd & dating,virginity many more.she said her boy friend is not loyal & dating other gals too. She is virgin.....
She also dicussed about her periods without hesitation.
suddenly it started raining out side she herself get out in balcony & enjoying rain.I took her phone & read few msgs which were vugar but i like that.....than I came from behind and poke on her butts with my finger she smiled i was looking staring at her boobs.. she pulled my ear & said
STOP this....& smiled she told me that your home is at very good location .....but i was constantly peeping into her boobs and we both also getting wet in rain.than she told me to get inside the room ,she was wet bcoz of rain water trying to dry her top even her legging or say high socks got wet.i gave her a towel and she said thanks .she removed her leggings as they were also wet.
I could see her clean fair legs and thies I got erection .i was totally mad to see this and want to masturbate than only I would stop looking at her boobs.she asked me to use washroom ,she want to correct her lenses,I got inside with her in washroom .she was was leaning towards mirror I was enjoying her cleavage.she than wear other pair of lenses and gets out of washroom.i quickly lowered my jeans grab my dick and started masturbating in washroom I want more pleasure I removed my jeans completely.
Suddenly she get inside as door was not closed .she blushed ,it was really very embarasing for me,she was watching my big brown dick and making faces,she told me that she left her lense solution there .i was busted by her in washroom ,I have nothing to do but dressed up.get our from washroom.
Than I said her sorry repeatedly .
She was making faces as she had seen a monster. I told her not to tell to any one not to my mom.i again said sorry.
She was listening to me but not replying .she said me that it is your house I should say sorry to you .she was lauging and hiding her face .i like this i again asked her to not to tell to anyone she said ok. I hold her soft hands tightly and want to make her stop laughing.than she got up and said
I want to leave i said her to not to go now.she hugged me and said don't worry I'll not be telling anyone. i again got erection by this.i took her on bed while hugging and kissed her her.she said nothing .i started kissing her cheeks ,i said that we are both friends.this time i kissed on her boobs,her that time it was quite cold in the room even AC was also switched on .their was gr8 bonding between us .i told her that I love her from very first day ,and I have crush on you,I also requested to come sit with me on bed,she was little bit shivering with cold so we wraped thin blanket around us.we sat in centre of bed like honeymoon couple.i started staring deep into her eyes kissing her cheeks,neck,cleavage and dick was erected she lowered her head on my shoulder i
grabed my dick and started shaking it .I told her that i would like to date you .she was dissapointed and said what R U doing?I said i want to have fun with u .she was watching my hand moving between my ws gr8 for me than
to make more comfortable i removed my jeans inside blanket.she was enjoying watching this.than we both lying on bed started hugging and kissing.this time she kissed me and also we did French kissing .i got wild when she did this than i licked her cheeks and pressed her big balloon like boobs.
She said that now fun is over & let me go.than i said no darling plz don't go its raining outside.i than removed my blanket,i was nude she was able to see my rock hard brown colored dick.she was staring at my dick & pretending to see somewhere else.for the first time got so hard erection,dick mushroom was very hard and round even nerves on my brown dick was i was moving a dick like a car throttle and masturbating while holding her one hand.she got up out if bed and said to me that this is vulgar,i am your senior how could you do this in front of me.
Now I know that there is nothing to fear and hesitation.,i removed my t-shirt.i was 100% nude i front if her.
I again hold her from behing drag her on bed and told her that I want to have fun.she was hesitating from me,I sit beside her.she was looking at my dick.i kissed her .after many pleadings she said okay what do you want to fun with me.i said be as my frnd come on bed and play with my dick.i told her to masturbate for me...plz plz plz darling
she hold my dick like i am untouchable with both hands .
I lay on bed widen my legs .she stroking my dick moving up and down .i really enjoyed this my heart beat was now 250/min.i was so excited i asked her to hold firmly and stroke differently.she did that.she asked me is it painful i said no darling not all keep doing.suddenly she stopped i get disapponted she brought her purse and took a out a small pocked scissor and trimmed my pubic hair,I like this .she said now its better than she also took out a lakme lotion from her purse which she used to put on her arms and body.she apply that lotion on my dick to make it she
Again started giving me a handjob.she was too enjoying and moaning making
Noise.she was even talking to my dick.
Saying it 'my baby', 'my cozy' come to me .she was pampering it very well.
I requested her to shake it up and down she told me he is my 'baby' it need my hands i was laughing to hear her conversation with my dick.after 10 min sperms oozed out littering her soft hands.she had seen this for first time.i asked her to lick my sperm but she didn't do dick was getting flaccid but still she was playing it.she asked me what that happen I said it is magic of your lovely hands.she smiled and kissed me.
Now I pulled & removed her top she said don't try to remove my bra.she was wearing black bra ,i put my hand inside and feel her nipples i pressed her boobs with my both hands and kisses,licked etc.
I again got erection she said now i have to leave .i said darling you enjoyed me now its my time to play with your body.she said do any thing but don't remove my clothes.i said ok want to fuck yor boobs.i apply her lotion on her boobs and inserted my penis .she was balancing her body.i also rubbed my penis on her face and this her bra strings get down her shoulder.i again put my penis in cleavage and start titty fuck.
She was holding her boobs tight as told my me.her both bra strings removed ,& bra became loose & removed itself I took over her bra.
Her boobs were so large and soft.
It was big ballons with 1cm nipples on it.i sucked those.she was hiding her face with get hands i told her not to hesitate now any more.i hold both of her hands and swaying my dick on her face.
She said leave me stop doing any more. I wanted to fuck her pussy now and loose virginity.
I got idea as i have seen in porn movies.i brought her both arms behing back and tied them with her bra,i tied many nots as much as possible.she get angry and said plz plz don't do any thing .i smiled at her and said you are my BITCH now.
Than she get worried.i suck her boobs for atleast 30 mins .she told me that mom will come ,I slapped on her face with my huge dick & asked her to keep quiet & don't worry about my mom.
She said let me go plz its over you want to see my boobs i have shown you,you played with them ....boobs don't give you my milk.
i said plz remove your skirt.
She requested me to open her hands...her cell phonewas also ringing.her room mate calling.
I removed her skirt .i was also bit nervous as I feel that i am raping a woman.she again requests for free her hands .i made deal with her either to remove her skirt and panty too i want to see your pussy then only I'll free U she said no no deal ....don't be silly .i said ok darling .I inserted my dick in her mouth for blowjob ....i pushed my dick deep inside her throat...but I know I am doing dirty with her ....but she was sucking with immense pleasure .she was very uncomfortable with both hands behind & blocked .
As I am not a bad person & she is my frnd I wanted to open her hands tied with her bra but unable to open i had tied many nots.i took her small scissors & cut her bra .
Now she was free to move .i grabbed her from waist and I said let me see your pussy ....she said a big No ....i said plz you have seen my private part now its your turn,she smiled & kept thinking ,i said her that I'll not let you go like this she was worried and feeling awakward.i hugged her and slowly she her self removed her skirt by the time I was kissing her navel and pantyline I even removed panty .she felt embarrassing I know...i said see even I am nude why not you..?
For first time in my life I was looking at
Live girl's pussy with little pubic hair on it.her pussy was pink and little dark from inside,wet with fluids all over it.
I want to see her body from every angle....she was super Hot & smooth body...flat tummy I kissed her navel.
I touched everywhere ... ...while make her Ly on bed .i kissed her pussy she was moaning and moaning .i got an erection took my dick near it ...she quickly stopped me and said plz plz Gaurav plz leave it for my husband.
She hugged me ...i softly said in her ear that darling 'i am your hubby' okay
Let me do this ,you just enjoy this would be more pleasurable .she said it would be painful too I am Virgin....i replied I am also Virgin.
I also made her realize that you are now 21 this is the only age to do....
you also have opportunity.she was quite...than I first rubbed my dick on her clit ....i got immense pleasure with this after that I put my dick in her pussy which was my childhood fantasy and fucked .Even got pain but it was tolerable on the other hand she was crying with pain,tears comming out .i got wilder she was feeling it painful she told me to keep going Gaurav ....i love it...ahhhh ahhh
I was on top of her making to & fro motion she was now enjoying,closed eyes and fingering her pussy with one hand and pressing her boobs too.
I was enjoying to see this ,her pussy was tight and wet well lubricated so it was nice sex drive with her.
Now my sperm comes out which was warm enough inside her pussy i slower down ,now took my penis out and ly on her than I grabbed ger firmly and rotate on bed for position 69.
My dick was half erected but she was sucking it with pleasure ....i like kissing her pussy ,her juices were comming on my neck and face.i gave her finger fuck she again start moaning and become noisy.

I was 100% satisfied with enough pleasure and excitment.
She was now much hapier than before
smiling & rubbing her pussy with her hand.
I went to wash room and got dressed up.i asked her to wear her clothes but when I came back she still playing her pussy which was quite vulgar,she asked to fuck more but it was difficult for me to do this as I already shed 3 times.I called her politely :- 'my slutty bitch quicky wind up'.But I can't refuse her.My dick was half erected I remove my jeans again she grabbed towards my dick give me one more blowjob.
She constalty rubbing her pussy ,i was
shocked to see this kind of behaviour
than i remembered that female orgasm is more than male.she want some more pussy fuck .....she got tired now rubbing she told me.she now widen her legs ....i put my fingers one by one into deep in her vagina she was now making movements.she asked me to put my dick inside.but now it was not hard as she removed my t-shirt & kissed me on my chest.i was 100% nude again we stand I front of mirror watching each other ,she was making poses & masturbating her pussy.she open her hair and enjoying.I've got hard erection again.she knew that now I can fuck her she bend down like
bitch .her butts were very sexy now I wanted to fuck her butts.i seprated her butts apart poked her asshole with middle finger ,she was make noise still rubbing her pussy with one hand .it was very difficult for me to have anal sex ,but I tried to do .....but not successful to reach her asshole which gets closed when my dick touches it ,sperm oozed on her ass.
I bite on her butts softly.....!!!!
she face toward me with wide legs now she reach her orgasm rubbing her pussy for very long..and squirt a little bit .
now she get embarrassed said me sorry ..start cleaning.
Now we both started laughing she hugged & said now quickly wind up Gaurav...i m too late & bring I -pill (contraceptive pill) from nearby chemist.
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Thumbs down ok

im sorry but this is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE story
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Hi, I'm new here
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have to say that you were really honest with your story.

Great job man! Keep posting!
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sex with hot college girl

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