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All tied up...

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Default All tied up...

Maybe if I scratch his back, he will warm up to me, I'm so horny..I really want to get him going tonight. *God he's sexy laying there...I LOVE touching him...running my fingers up his back, around to his chest, back down his side, over his belly...a little lower this time around. *I can feel his breathing change, I think he's enjoying this...maybe if I run my fingers lightly down his long legs, I can stop along the way and see if he is getting as excited as I am. *Just touching him, and having him here next to me gives me a knot in the pit of my stomach...he is so fucking sexy, ohhh, yep, this is working, when I "accidently" ran my finger over the head of his cock, it was hard, and I felt him tense up...oh please, please roll over. *YES! *He's rolling over, maybe just a quickie, I know he's tired, he just got in off the road this afternoon. *Mmmmm, I love when he pins my hands down like that...I love when he takes control. *Ohh, ouch, does he have to bite my nipple so hard?? *Damn, that hurts, but it makes my pussy sooo wet. *Wow, he's hard as a rock...I can feel his cock on my thigh. *Oh, wait, don't stop...I reach up and grab for him..."Put your hands back, and don't move." I wonder if the pouty stuff will work tonight...what is he doing?? *He's digging around for a toy maybe...oh, nope..what is he doing?? *Rope!!?? *God I love when his face is so, sexy, sexy. *Ouch..that hurts my wrists..."Hold still" *Maybe if I wiggle around, he will not make this so tight. *"I said hold still!" *OUCH...why did that earn such a hard spanking?? Now that my hands are tied up, I have no doubt he will fuck me good. *He crawls up by my face and puts his hard cock in my face, "suck it". *Mmmm, I love how his cock feels in my mouth. *As he fucks my mouth, he makes "the noise" the one in his throat that lets me know I'm pleasing him...the sound that soaks my pussy every time. *He fucks my mouth hard, it makes me gag, and my eyes water...he has that dark, sexy look in his eyes tonight. *I did not expect this at all....
He moves to between my legs, smacking my soaking wet pussy with his hard cock. *With no warning, he slamms his big thick cock into my greedy pussy...ohhhh my GOD he feels so good!! *I want to touch him...really bad..."Baby, untie my hands, I want to touch you...please???" *Nothing....maybe he didn't hear me..."Pleeeeease let me touch you." *He only acknowledges me with a smack on my thigh, and a "quiet". *Ouch!! *"That hurts!" *I blurt out. *He stopped fucking me, oh crap, no, no, don't stop!! *He's digging in the drawer what?? *Maybe a dildo for my ass, or a toy to strech my pussy out with his cock. *"I'm done with this hole, and you can't be quiet, so here you go" *He straddles me, and shoves a gag ball into my mouth...he straps it tight behind my head. *Damn what?? *I hate not being able to talk to him...and I can't touch him either. *He grabbs the back of my hair and pulls my head back, runs his hard cock over my gagged mouth, and smacks my lips with his hard cock before moving back between my legs. *This time he pushes my legs up super far...he pushes his cock into my pussy...I can't make a sound!!! *He fucks me hard for a little while, then I feel him pull his cock out and he starts to tease my tigh asshole with the tip of his cock, all wet from my pussy. *Oh hell no, I can't even tell him to be gentle...I can't guide him in with my hands. *I feel my eyes get really wide and I try not to tense up while he pushes his thick cock into my asshole...ow, ow, ow, burns, it hurts, please stop....I shake my head no, please stop...he pushes further, burrying his cock all the way into my asshole. As he pulls back out, and pushes his cock back in, I feel tears slide down my face...this hurts, I hate it, I love it, he made "that" noise...I love pleasing him...I love when he uses me. *"Feel good?" he asks. *I slowly shake my head yes. *He picks up the pace, faster, ass hurts, but I can feel my pussy dripping down my ass. *He spanks me really hard...again, and again, and again. *OUCH!!!! *Fuck, that hurts!! *He pulls his cock out of my ass and slamms it into my wide open, soaking wet pussy. *He's got "that" look on his face strong, so intense, so fucking sexy. *I think he's getting close...I love when he cums in me...I love that fucking me makes him feel good. *"Ready?" he says....well of course I'm ready...please cum for me!!! *Two more hard thrusts, and he's got his cock pulled out..."I'm gonna cum on your face!" *What!? *He jerks his cock a few times, I feel his legs tense up and mmmmm....cum on my tits, on my my hair too. *He pulls the gag ball out of my mouth, and tells me to clean his cock off...I do, and he rolls over, leaving me tied and exposed. *Ok, he can untie me now...he smacks my thigh, "Good Girl". *He unties one of my hands, kisses me quick on the lips," and rolls over to get comfortable. *He's done...he's satisfied, he's tired. *I finish untying myself, and go clean up. *I crawl back into bed...he's so sweet when he sleeps. *My heart is SO full right now. *I'm used, I'm tired, I'm satisfied...I'm His.
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