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My wifes slutty friend

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Default My wifes slutty friend

My wife has a friend named Kate. My wife and Kate got into a fight and didn't talk for a year. After about 11 months Kate and I started texting talking about her and my wife becoming friends again. We would text but we would flirt too. She told me she was interested in me coming over and fucking her which was hot because we had never really liked each other. Even though we didn't like each other she loved to flirt with me in front om my wife and make me nervous. I would ask my wife about it and she would say oh that's just Kate. I finally told my wife we had been texting and Kate wanted to make up. My wife didn't ask any questions about the texting and called Kate. After an hour on the phone my wife comes out and says Kate wants us to come over and hang out. So we go over to her house and my wife and her hug and it's a big scene. Kate is wearing a bikini top and short shorts. Kate then runs and jumps on me and wraps her legs around me. She had done this before but this time I cupped her ass and said I'm not so nervous this time am I. They laughed. Kate is about 5'8' redish blond hair and I would guess about 120 lbs. She is skinny and has nice 34 c breasts. So they are drinking wine and talking when Kates kids come home. They love my wife and wanted her to see their new rooms in the basement. The kids leave and my wife gets up to go so Kate sits on my lap and says I will take care of hubby. She says can I give him a lap dance and my wife says go for it. Then she looks at me laughing and says good luck. So as soon as my wife turns around Kate swings her legs over and straddles me. She says I could talk her into letting us fuck if I wanted to. I knew Kate brought out the wild side in my wife but I told her that wasn't likely. So Kate puts her hands around my neck and slowly starts moving up and down. My cock was hard and jammed right in her crotch. She kept grinding and I moved my hands to her sweet breasts and started to caress them. I then slid my left hand under her bikini top and then my right hand. We stared into each others eyes and then as she was grinding with pleasure she collapsed and our open mouths came together with deep passionate kisses. It had been only minutes but seemed like hours when my wife was coming back up the stairs. Hearing this Kate instead of getting up just swung her legs around and sat on my lap. my wife comes up and says how was the lap dance? Kate gets up and grabs my wife and pushes her on me and says here you finish. My wife is very shy and reserved but really good looking. 5'4 130 34 c. She actually put pressure on my cock with her crotch and we began to hump on the chair just like Kate and I had. After about a minute Kate's daughter came up stairs and my wife jumped off. She said will you come down and help me with my posters. My wife says sure and leaves again. Still in the chair Kate comes over to me and I pulled her shorts down. She unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock out. She straddled me again and started dry humping me. Her sweet pussy was soaked and as she moved up and down my cock slid in her. We were fucking and kissing and I was sucking her beautiful tits for about 5 minutes when my wife popped up again but this time we didn't stop. I wanted to but I couldn't. It was the best, nastiest, dirtiest, most dangerous sex I had ever had and my wife is standing there with her mouth open. She said what are you doing to my husband. Kate looked at her and said I'm cumming oh god I am cumming. At that moment I came too. We all just sat there. My wife with this astonished look on her face, and Kate straddling me panting with my cock still in her. Finally my wife says I said a lap dance. Kate got off me and said I am sorry. My wife looks at me and says what have you got to say for yourself. I said that's just Kate. It was the most intense sex I have ever had. I have more Kate stories for another time.
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Great story... Can't wait to
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Busted a nut over this story, I don't mind telling you. It's so crazy I can hardly believe it, but it's also so crazy that I think it's probably true.
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