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My husband

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Default My husband

My husband was serving in the Army at Ft Mead MD. We had been married for about 2 years when he inlisted. After his boot camp in South Caolina I moved to Ft Mead with him at his first duty station. My husband used to let me fool around a bit when we were going out but I never thought much of it. While at our new home we would do a lot of partying. I would get fucked up and then next thing I would know is a buddy of his screwing me in my bedroom. I guess he would let me get fucked up and then let his friends fuck me. I did not care to much because I always was that way(sort of) in anycase I drank too much. One night we were going to a motel off post for a party. It was time to go and I already had a couple or so. My husband told me he did not feel very good and that I should go to the party without him! I did not want to but he insisted. So went to the party at the motel. When I got there it was all guys except for one other girl. We were partying and having a good time bullshiting with the guys (maybe some flirting) and then a little later on one of the guys suggested that me and this other girl (which I did not know) take off our clothes!! I was freaking a little bit figuring they were joking around. But they kept asking us to take off our clothes. I finally started towards the door and was stopped by one of the guys. Now I was really getting drunk at that point and was very confused at what to do. I knew I was stuck and so did the othwer girl. The idea now was to just make it through it. So I started taking off my clothes and the guy cheered! The other girl did too! I did not have a very good feeling about it but knew I had to play along!
Once we were naked they had us get on the bed. one guy came out of the crowed and started guiding us! He put us in the 69 position and told us to go at it!I could not believe it but she started licking at me!! I just laid there with her on top of me.Thety started yelling at me to lick. I knew I had to go with the flow to keep things in order. So I did. I never did this before but knew instictivly where to go with my toung, so I did . We must have got the guys really hot because they pulled us apart and took her over to the other bed. The next thing I knew was my hands and feet were being spread apart and I was mounted by a friend of my husbands I could only lay there as they took turns at both of us! it was awesome. we were going at it all night. Then as the mornining light started to show, one of the guys called my husband to come and get me. My husband showed up and I was still naked with a guy on me. He just watched. Then he took me home and nailed me again. This must have been his plan all along! YES this is true!!!
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wow! i'm mixed on this one. i'm all for sharing my woman! but, i also believe in communication. the way your husband set you up... was wrong in my books! if he's going to throw you to the wolves, then he should be there to make sure you're ok!
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husband shares

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