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Friends Sister-in-law was horny

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Default Friends Sister-in-law was horny

Last weekend I traveled to Atlanta GA with the plans to stay with a friend and take in 2 baseball games and 1 football game.

I originally meet my friends sister-in-law about 3 years ago at my friends wedding. At the time she was married; however, I told my friend if she was single I would have to get to know her.

She was divorced several months ago, and my friend had been trying to arrange a meeting. Finally his wife and sister in law agreed to a meeting.

The plan was to meet on Friday night, and I was spending the weekend at the home of my friend and his wife.

I arrived Friday afternoon and my friend and I went to set up a tailgate location at the ballpark. My friend (Ken) and I set up, and about an hour later Laura (Kens wife) arrived. They both told me Shannon (Laura's sister) had not "gotten out a lot" since her divorce.

Laura arrived around 5PM...we drank some beer, played corn-hole, and ate. We entered the ballpark around 7 all sitting together. At first things moved slow but after a few beers and by the third inning Shannon was very talkative.

So the game ended and even though the conversation had been great I fully expected Shannon was going to her place and I was headed to crash at the home of Ken and Laura.

On the way to the parking lot, I commented I wished we had more burgers to grill and Shannon stated she was hungry. She asked me to go find something to eat and stated she would drive me to Ken and Lauras afterward. So we ended up at dinner having sub sandwiches and drinking more beer.

Shannon came out and said: "I'm not sure how this introduction will progress as far as a relationship. But, I do know I have not had sex in 9 months and I'm horny. Do you want to go to my place or back to Kens?". I said, "your place is fine."

She drove to her apartment and once inside the door she kicked off her shoes and then was immediately kissing me, tongue in my mouth and hands removing my belt and unbuttoning my shorts. My dick was instantly getting hard.

I said I should text Ken and tell him I will be later than expected. While I was texting him, she quickly removed her pants and top. When I looked up she was standing there in matching black panties and bra. As soon as I laid my cellphone down she attacked again. She was kissing me and blowing into my ear as she removed my shirt and shorts. I was running my hands allover her, and as I touched the outside of her panties I could feel the heat and moisture.

I pulled her panties off to reveal a FULL blonde bush the same color as her hair. We laid across her bed and she kissed me as I kissed and sucked on her 36 B breast. I began to explore her hairy pussy with my fingers and she quickly grabbed my hand, pulled it toward her face, and sucked my finger. Then quickly returned my hand below and began guiding my saliva soaked finger over her clit.We were kissing deeply, and I stopped to suck her hard nipples, all the time she was guiding my finger over her clit...

As my tounge explored her nipple, she grabed my back and started moaning "dont stop" that quickly escalated into screams as I sucked her nipple and rubbed her clit.

As her orgasm became quite, she rolled over...pulled off my boxers and asked if I had a answer..."not here, in my bag at Kens, do you?". Her answer: "NO, was only with my husband for 13 years and not had sex since my you want to stop or keep going?". I replied, the decision was up to her and she immediately straddled me and pushed my hard dick into to her hot wet pussy. In less than 5 minutes she was having another orgasm. She rolled over and I immediately entered her in the missionary position. As soon as I started to fuck her...she was moaning again...immediately I felt the pressure build as I was nearing orgasm. I said "I think I'm about to cum" and she yelled "I'm not on birth control...pull out....PULL OUT"...and she immediate spun around and took my dick into her mouth and with 10 seconds of BJ I was cumming in her mouth. two more times plus a BJ again before leaving town to go home.

It was a great weekend, plus I saw w baseball games and a college football game!

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