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Summer of the Chinese women...

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Default Summer of the Chinese women...

There was one summer which was the most memorable for me in Southern California when I was 35. It was the summer in which I banged multiple Chinese women one after the other. They were mostly in their 30s like me at the time, but all were very fit and energetic. SoCal women tend to work out and watch their diet carefully. These Chinese women were slender.

It all started when I sent a woman on Match.Com a note and she replied back. We kept talking and the conversation got sexy. At one point I was talking about my dick. Now this topic of conversation doesnt go over with all the ladies, but sometimes it works and I am a very bold guy who is not afraid.

We went out on a date and she had two kids if memory serves me. Her body was very slender and fit. She seemed slender yet strong. The date didnt seem to go too well and I was left without a kiss. I text messaged her the next morning and we started a text conversation. It got sexy again and she asked "When am I going to see your dick?" I told her to come over right then and I was in the bed at the time. It was morning and I had my shirt off.

The door rang and I went downstairs in shorts and without my shirt on. I escorted her back upstairs to my bedroom and then went right to work pulling off her pants. When I got her clothes entirely off, I must admit she had a really nice body for being in her 30s.

I jammed my cock in her mouth saying "now you see my dick" and then we proceeded to 69. After a few minutes, it was time. I fucked her doggie style pulling her hair and spanking her. Then she got on top where I stuck three fingers up her ass deep. She didnt seem to mind them there at all. As the morning progressed the sex got more and more aggressive with me spanking and puling her hair. She was screaming at times. When she got on top each time she would bounce up and down hard while I pulled her hair. She lived in the Chinese community and worked there as well. She didnt get out too much to enjoy long thick white cock. All 8.5 inches was rammed right up there.

It was an incredible experience. This experience would repeat almost every other day and usually ended with me sticking my dick in her mouth and cumming inside. When I came inside her mouth I would hold her head as I wanted her to get it all in her mouth with no leakage. A few times I fucked her ass and it was epic with me asking her where my dick was...and she would say in a Chinese accent "its up my ass".

I treated her as my personal sex kitten. All we would do is fuck for several weeks without talking or doing much else. She had quite a few bruises on her ass because of me but all in good fun.

She was the first in the series of Chinese women I had in my summer of fun. I will go into more detail in a separate post. There was a threesome, anal sex and quite a few other fun things that summer. Chinese women ranging from age 18 to late 40s...
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I met another Chinese woman on match who lived in Westminster which was part Chinese-part Vietnamese community. Her kids were back in China and she worked here as a technician of sorts. She was from Shanghai and I know that Shanghai women are very crazy indeed.

She had a really nice body and even nicer than the other one. Our first date went ok and we ended up back in my car kissing. I asked if she wanted to get into the back seat and she said it was ok. We went in the back where I found myself fingering and licking her pussy. It was really nice, but she wasnt ready for fucking just yet.

On the second date is when I went over to her place and fucked her. I usually fuck all of the women in the same aggressive way and many women prefer that way. This was no exception. I had her doggy style pulling her hair and really giving it to her. She was screaming and moaning. She reached around to play with my balls. I was going to cum, but I didnt want to cum inside her. I pulled out and my cum spurted out strong...and more then a few times. I looked over out the bedroom window which was open. It was hot so it was nice to have it open and I noticed two Chinese women watching. They both were smiling and one gave me a thumbs up and silently clapped. I smiled back and waved.

One of those two women lived next door and the other was her good friend. The next morning when the Shanghai woman left for the day I would meet with those two.

The morning came and the woman ran out the door saying to just hang out until she got back. She would be out for the rest of the day and not to return until the night.

I got up showered, got dressed and went across to the next house. I knocked on the door and one of the ladies from the night before came to the door in a robe. Since it was morning, she had not gotten dressed yet. I told her I just wanted to say hi and see how they were doing. She invited me in and we had tea along with her friend at the table.

It was a very Chinese place. The women were in their early 30s and just a little bit younger then the one from last night. We talked for a bit and they had very Chinese accents, first generation. Nice slender bodies and small tits. Both dressed in robes.

We talked for a bit and laughed. Me and one of the ladies both got up to go to the kitchen to put the cups away. I walked up to behind the lady and put my hands up on her hips and rubbed against her. She was smiling. I turned her around, opened her robe to reveal a nice slender naked body. The robe fell to the floor. We kissed for a little bit and then I led her back into the dining room naked. The other lady got up to see us and I grabbed her as well undressing her as well. I led them both to the bedroom.

This was going to be fun. One of them was a bit taller and the other a bit shorter, but both slender. I bent them both over the bed standing up. Licking their pussies from the back taking turns back and forth. I took their hands and made them play with their pussies. They reached back while bent over. I wanted both very wet when I started to fuck them.

Then I shoved my dick in the taller one. It was nice and tight like a glove as if it hadnt been fucked in a while. After a while I switched into the shorter one which was really tight. The tall one smiled as I had trouble. "She hasnt been fucked in a while" the tall one said and smiled back at me.

Back and forth I went for a good 45-60 minutes. I then took control and fucked the short one missionary while the taller one got on top. I stuck the tall ones pussy down on the others mouth. The short one was like "Oooo never licked before..." I heard that and just pressed it down to her face as I fucked her even harder.

I felt like it was time to cum. It wasnt too hard with how tight the short small one was. I wanted to cum inside the tall ones mouth so I pushed her down to meet my dick and shoved her head down on it. She was gagging a little but taking it like a sport.

This went on throughout the morning and afternoon. Going back and forth and trying new spots around the house to fuck. I got them both in the habit of eating each other out. they hadnt done this before.

The short one was easier to do stand up sex while the taller one seemed easier at doggy style. It was fun exploring the both of them.

I tried the short womans ass, but she didnt like it. The taller one looked over and said "try me". I did and she took it nicely without complaint but with a little lubrication. Soon I found myself cumming deeply in her ass while the short one watched and hugged me from behind.

I had to get back before the Shanghai woman came back from work to sleep, clean up and get ready for another I got their phone number and said I had to leave...

more later...
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I met a Chinese woman on match who was a real estate agent. On the first date I asked if she wanted to come back to my place. As was usual we got to my place and the first place I took her was the bed room.

She was a bit older than I liked...late 30s/early 40s, but had a great body which was very fuckable. I had her on all fours instantly pounding away doggie style. At some point she was taking pictures with her compact camera of my dick slipping in and out of her pussy. Fun!

We kept going out and each time was more and more fucking. I had a company car which was a Ford 500. Nice and large on the inside with a very roomy backseat. I had the windows completely tinted out to the darkest tint they had at the tinting company and no one could see in even in daylight.

While in Pasadena at the top of the parking structure there I asked if she just wanted to fuck in the car. We both got in the backseat and in broad daylight were fucking in the back. One good thing about this Ford is the backseat was so roomy it was incredible. It was so easy to fuck back there.

While we were fucking there were quite a few people who walked by, but since the windows were so tinted no one semed to notice. This is the clear advantage of having the darkest tint on your car.

I have done this a few times in a car. One time I had to rent a car and all they had was a big Dodge Caravan which had that privacy glass. Fucked a woman in that van right in the back in the middle of a crowded parking lot near a bar at night.

If you havent had sex in a car then you have to. Ive done it a number of times in these parking lots in tinted out cars and its a lot of fun!
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