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My wife's friend in front of her boyfriend

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Default My wife's friend in front of her boyfriend

I had been fucking my ex wife's friend Rachel for about two months. I'd go pick her up, suck her tits in the car on the way to my house, and she would blow me on the way over too. She had a boyfriend, but he wasn't good in bed, and had ok'd the threesomes. One day he wanted to join in and have a swingers foursome.

So Ron, Rachel, and Joy are in the living room talking and I walk in from work. I had never met him, but I could see why Joy had no interest in fucking him. He was almost 50, out of shape, and more than anything else, his mouth looked like he had been kicked in the face by a horse. Joy said he could watch, but she wasn't interested. So Ron and Rachel went up to the guest room and fucked, and I fucked Joy on the living room couch. I actually came in about 10 minutes this time, and Ron was taking a while. I walked up to the guest room to find Rachel riding him, but his dick was pretty small and I had gotten Rachel into fisting. She loved to be stretched out, and would literally have orgasms until she blacked out when I fisted her. So she was clearly pretty loose on his dick that only appeared to be about 4 inches long and the thickness of a sharpie highlighter.

The three of us walked down to the living room all naked, and Rachel laid down into the couch. Ron didn't say anything - he just watched me fuck his girlfriend on my living room couch. Rachel was moaning and telling Ron how she wished his cock was as big as mine. It was weird to me, but turned me on too having her boyfriend and my wife watch this girl get fucked. I started squeezing Rachel's clit in between my thumb and forefinger, and she immediately came, bucking her hips. I asked her if I could cum on her face, but she wanted it in her pussy. So I filled her full, to the point she was dripping cum onto my couch. Ron was trying to get Joy to let him fuck her, but she got up and walked to the bedroom.

I never saw Ron again after that.
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Haha sounds like Ron got the short end of the stick, in more ways than one!
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