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My Brother-in-Law

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Default My Brother-in-Law

The week before Christmas, I went for a visit with my sister and brother-in-law. They live about an hour's drive away and for some reason we don't visit like we should. Beth and Jerry are both in the medical field and both work an enourmous amount of hours.

I had not been in their home but an hour when Beth was called to work. After she got off the phone, she advised Jerry that it would probably be late at night before she returned. Jerry gave her a hug and kiss when she left for work.

I was intending to visit with Jerry for another hour or so and then leave for home. We sat and chatted and drank coffee in the breakfast area of the house. I had always admired Jerry's build and his handsome features. Occasionally I found myself touching his hand or bumping his leg beneath the table. At one point Jerry happened to noticed my new watch and took my hand in an effort of looking at it. I could feel an odd feeling inside as he held my hand while examining the watch. I couldn't help it and I leaned over and gave him a hug with a small kiss on the ckeek.

Jerry was a bit surprised by this and in a minute of so he returned the hug and kiss. Soon we found we were kissing each other with feelings and our arms and hands were wandering in strange territories. It wasn't long before we were both wrapped in each other's arm and really giving serious kisses.

I couldn't take it any longer and began to guide Jerry toward the living room couch. Once on the couch I sat in Jerry's lap and gave him kisses with my tongue darting in and out his mouth. Jerry was letting his hand roam and so was I. Finally I let my hand make it to his belt buckle. I managed to undo the belt, unsnap his pants, and lower his zipper. Jerry had worked my buttons loose from my blouse and had his hand behind my back trying to un-snap my bra. I had my hand in his pants and was toying with his penis which was now beganing to get hard. Jerry undid my bra and let his hands work around to my boobs.

We both got up from the couch and I pulled his trousers down and undid his shirt. His stiff penis was standing straight out. He then slowly took my blouse off and let my bra fall to the floor. He hooked his thumbs in my slack tops and pushed them along with my panties to my knees. I stepped out of them and gentle pushed Jerry to a sitting position on the couch, and removed his trousers.

I then straddled him and let his hard dick slide slowly inside me. I sat still, feeling him deep inside. Then I started to rock back and forth and slightly lift myself up and down. Jerry had his eyes closed and was breathing deeply. I bent forward and gave him a kiss that lasted several long seconds. I began to increase the tempo of my movements and I could feel Jerry squeezing the cheeks of my butt harder than before. In a few minutes I was getting ready to climax. Jerry was now breathing much harder than before and I could tell his body was tightening up. Jerry and I both reached our peak almost at the same time.

When we had finished, I stayed in my position until Jerry's dick began to soften. When he was totally flacid I raised up and a gush of cum dropped from me. I sat back down on Jerry's lap and we kissed a long kiss. Finally we got up and made our way to the bathroom to clean up.

After we had cleaned up, we got dressed and went back to the breakfast area and to our coffee. We sat silent for quiet sometime before we spoke. Jerry blurted that we shouldn't have done what we did. I agreed with him and said we could have our own secret. Jerry thought for a minute and then agreed. We each promised each other that we would not breath a word or even hint that anything happened.

Beth and Jerry came to our house for New Years eve and we knowing what we did, remained silent. When we hugged and kissed at the stroke of midnight, we did manage to sneak a feel of one another without anyone else knowing it.
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Did you have other naughty times with your brother in law
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Heheh .. A naughty read. Thank you X
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Very hot. I want to hear more about your b-n-l. Wish I were him.
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lol! isn't having a family secret great?
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