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Fantastic sex with husband and well endowed friend

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wil & nance
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Default Fantastic sex with husband and well endowed friend

I’m Nance and I thought you might be interested in my true story.

My husband Wil and I have a very interesting sex life, which we both enjoy very much. Not long after we were married, Wil told me one day that I was free to do what I liked and that he did not want to control me in any way. At first, I was a little offended as I thought he didn’t love me, so we had a long talk. Wil explained that he loved me very much and that from his point of view if you love someone truly, you set them free and there is no room for jealousy.

He told me about his sexual education from his first girl friend’s mother. Every Saturday morning for several months, he received lessons on the art of making love to a woman. Wil said he thought that there was nothing, that his girlfriend and her mother didn’t teach him. Wil said that he believed we should enjoy one and another’s sexuality, and should not be restricted by religious dogma. Wil made it quite plain he wanted me to enjoy my sexuality and to be free to do so. He believed that women have a far greater capacity for sex, that most men. I remember him pointing out “How many men have the stamina to fuck half a dozen women one after the other? However, nearly all women have the capacity to be fucked by half a dozen men one after the other and enjoy it. Just look at Mamie Stover and the number of men she accommodated in one day.” I also learn't from our talk, why he was so masterful in the bedroom, and how I was able to experience all the different ways of making love. He never forced me, just led me, and that’s why he always insured that I was truly satisfied.

This talk had a very profound effect on me; after I had considered it for a few days; I realized that he was right, and that he loved me dearly. He just wanted me free to be able to do my own thing and enjoy life to the fullest. I was not in the least bit upset now, or jealous that he was so experienced. I really enjoyed the honeymoon. Months later, it still felt like we were on our honeymoon because of Wil’s attention to me.

After we had been married about three years, Wil had an accident that put him out of action for five months. He was in a plaster cast from the neck to just below the hips. It sure killed our sex life and left me very frustrated as by then I had been hooked on sex and needed it three or four times a day. My husband would even fuck me when I had my periods as that was when I was at my sexiest, and I found that having orgasms stopped the menstrual pains. It didn’t matter to him if the red flags were flying, he would still go down on me, and lick me to orgasm before fucking me with his long cock.

Without sex, I was soon climbing up the walls, and as horny as hell. Even with lots of masturbation and oral sex and heaps of toys, I couldn’t get relief. My husband suggested that I got a lover to take care of my needs. After a lot of soul searching, I joined; the local swingers group and so started my extra-marital sex life. I soon found that I liked large cocks. A very dear friend of ours who had massive hands had the fattest cock I have ever seen, and when he came to help me around the house, he satisfied my sexual needs, and was he good. It made me realize how great a fat cock is, provided the person who owns it, knows what to do with it.

Eventually, my husband got better and our sex life continued, but by now, I needed fat cocks as well as my husband’s long cock. We both got involved with the local swingers’ group and had many memorable sessions be they with other couples or threesomes. The story I am about to tell you is about a memorable threesome we had.

Ray our friend was staying with my husband Wil and me while his wife was in a hospital. Lillian had asked us to help him with home comforts as she was in no condition to look after him after the accident. I wasn’t going to object as Ray is well hung with a nice long cock of 9 inches and circumference of 6.5 inches. Ray’s cock is a little shorter in length than my husband Wil’s, but it more than makes up for it as he is considerably fatter. Wil’s is 9.5 inches long and 5 inches in circumference. Wil knows how to fuck me just right in the cunt and anus, but I find Ray’s cock to fat to fit up my anus, and that’s not for the want of trying, it’s just too fat. I love the way he fills my cunt, and it is a beautiful feeling being filled with Rays cock.

We were sitting in the lounge one evening talking about what turns each of us on. I voiced my love of seduction with lots of foreplay; Ray talked of his love of kissing and fondling a woman. Next it was Wil’s turn, and as he was about to talk, I interrupted and said, “I will show you; I will go and get it and while I’m gone Wil, you’re not to tell Ray, it’s to be a surprise.” With that, I headed to our bedroom.

Once in the bedroom I set about getting my leather body suit out and all the accessories that go with it. First, I pulled the leather suit on to my naked body. It was made especially for me and fits like a glove. I zipped up the front zip to the stand-up collar. I zipped the ankle, and arm zips up which makes the suit fit perfectly to my shapely legs and arms. I then put on my crotch high, black leather boots that Wil had had made for me. I love the way they feel with their nice three-inch heels, not so high that I can’t walk in them, and boy do they turn guys on. I love wearing them with the leather body suit into the city and all the attention I get from both men and women. Next, I fitted my full leather face mask and two inch wide Leather Collar, studded with diamonds.

I looked in the full-length mirror to ensure the outfit was on properly and that the rings with the gold chains that are attached to the crotch zips were in order. The whole crotch piece zips out, and I had no doubt that Ray would be blown away with this sexy outfit. I know Wil is, he can’t keep his hands off me and would have me wear it all the time. The body suit was specially made so that my boobs are accentuated and stand out. There are zips placed just right so that each nipple can be exposed with maximum effect. I fitted my opera length black leather gloves and over them, my two inch wide Asha studded bracelets, which look fantastic over gloves. I checked once more in the mirror, and loved my sexy look. I then closed the mouth opening zip, and I was now ready for my grand entrance.

As I got to the lounge, Wil and Ray were talking and having a drink, neither are big drinkers. I like this as I can’t stand drunks. While a drink or two makes one relaxed, too many ruins a person’s sexual capability, and I like to be pleasured with many orgasms. I stepped into the room, and both men looked at me. Both jumped to their feet, and I could see the immediate effect as both guys’ trousers tented. Ray rushed over to me, grabbed both my gloved hands, and held them out to my sides as he feasted his eyes over my form-fitting leather body suit. He exclaimed that I looked fabulous, and that he would enjoy eating me very much. He let one of my hands go to unzip my mask mouth opening, pressing his lips to mine as best he could, and I felt his tongue probing my mouth. God he was sexy. He pushed his body against mine, and I felt the moisture growing in my throbbing cunt.

Ray picked me up, carried me to the couch, and set me down between Wil and himself. Both guys had their hands all over me, cupping my breast with some not so gentle squeezes. I felt the bust zips being opened and my very aroused nipples sprung out through the openings. Each guy, grabbed a nipple in his mouth, and they both started to maul them. I loved it, and had my first orgasm. My cunt was getting very moist and in need of some serious attention. Both guys took a ring each on the twin zips that hold the crotch access in place on my leather body suit and had it unzipped and removed in a flash.

Ray got down between my legs pushing them apart to gain access to my crotch. His tongue flicked over my clitoris bringing me to another climax.

My husband had pulled my face towards his crotch and was pushing his engorged penis into my mouth through the leather mask mouth opening. Wil loves me in leather and tonight was no exception. His hands were behind my head forcing his cock further into my mouth. I felt the head of his penis slip down my throat and knew that with the leather mask and studded collar on, I would be nearly unable to breathe. I pulled my head back and quickly gulped a breath of air. Wil was pounding his cock into my mouth as fast as he could. I knew he would come soon and took his cock as deep as I could down my throat. Soon he erupted shooting his load into my throat and mouth as he pulled out. He told me he loved me very dearly and thanked me for dressing in leather for them. He gave me a very passionate kiss and as our tongues entwined, I push his sperm back into his mouth.

Ray was still feasting on my crotch causing all sensations of pleasure, and I begged him not to stop. I thrust my hips forward so that he would have better access. Another orgasm was building, and I savored the pleasure of the moment. Encased in my leather body suit, boots, gloves, and full face mask put me in my own little world and orgasms once I started to cum, come one on top of each other. As each orgasm builds, I feel it in different parts of my body, in my eye lids, ear lobes, nose, nipples, spine, clitoris (most intense orgasm) legs, and toes. It amazes me how each orgasm is different and as one fades the next is building. Wave after wave of pleasure was sweeping over my body as Ray feasted on my cunt. It amazes me; he didn’t drown with all the juices I was releasing.

Ray got to his feet, took off all his clothes, and then lifted me up, and as I placed my booted legs around his waist, I felt him sink his penis into my love tunnel. Ray carried me to our bedroom like that, he placed me on the bed, lifted my booted legs over his shoulders and drove his engorged cock into my willing cunt and rode me relentlessly until he shot his load deep within me. I lost count of the number of times I came. Wil had been watching us all the time. He had an ear to ear grin on his face as he loves to see me pleasured by another man.

As Ray fell to the bed beside me, Wil pulled me to the side of the bed dropped to his knees and started feasting on my well soaked cunt. I loved the attention as he licked all around my cunt and anus paying particular attention to my perineum, which I love being caressed. He then returned to my clitoris taking it between his teeth and as he gently bit on it, he tickled it with his tongue. Wil knows this drives me wild, and I was soon cumming again. After I came down from the high, he drove his long cock into me just stopping short of my cervix and kept thrusting until I was having another orgasm, at this stage, he changed the angle that he was fucking me so that the next thrust pushed the head of his penis up into my cervix. This pushes me right over the edge, and I came violently with a piercing scream; each thrust was deeper and deeper into my Cervix and caused scream after scream as, I orgasm repeatedly with each thrust. Soon Wil shot his load deep in me and we both collapsed on the bed.

If someone is fucking me and hits my cervix before I am on fire from sexual enjoyment, it hurts like hell and that is the end of sex for many hours. However, once I’m on fire from sex, I love a cock pushed into my cervix and Wil knows just how to do that. I scream so loud with joy that the neighbour’s two houses away have made comment about the noise and have even come running to ensure I was not being assaulted.

The three of us lay on the bed together, and as I was about to take my full leather mask off the men said to leave it on as they had not finished yet. I remember giggling as I wondered what they would do next. Both were caressing me by rubbing their hand gently over my leather encased body. Wil was paying particular attention to my clitoris again which I loved. It is a large clitoris nearly ¾ inch long, stands free of its hood, is super sensitive, and has been of great interest to my girl friends.

Wil and I were in a classic 69 position with me on top, so I started sucking his cock again. I felt Ray's penis being brushed up and down against my pussy and with Wil chewing on my clitoris, I begged Ray to fuck me. He needed no second asking; he immediately started thrusting into my cunt. I love being fucked from the rear while someone is under me playing with my vagina and licking my clitoris, and I was soon coming again with multiple orgasms. They were sweeping over me one after the other. Soon Ray deposited his load into my cunt and I asked him to stay inside me as my husband continued to lick all around my cunt. Ray's cum was oozing out of my cunt straight into my husband’s mouth as he feasted on me, and I loved the sexy thought. The feeling was exquisite to say the least, particularly as Ray was massaging my back through the leather. He told me how sexy I was in my leather and hoped we could do it again. Wil got out from under me and said he wasn’t finished yet so we lay on the bed together for a while; the guys had their hands all over me again. I kissed my husband hard on his mouth and sucked some of Ray’s cum out of his month; it tasted great and very sexy.

Soon I had Ray’s cock in my mouth again, and it started to grow. Once hard, I mounted him burying his cock deep in my cunt. I love his fat cock as it fills every last bit of space in my cunt and stretches it to the limit. The feeling was exquisite as I rode him, and it wasn’t very long before more orgasms were sweeping over me. Ray has a lot of stamina, particularly when I’m riding his cock, and he can last a long, long time, which is just what I need and love, as I can enjoy the beautiful feelings as each orgasm swept over my body as I lusted for more and more sex. It is hard to find words to describe my feelings of utter joy as I rode Ray.

Ahead of me was the bedroom full-length mirror, and I had a great view of my leather-clad body as I rode Ray. Gosh, it looked sexy to me, and I know it turned both guys on. My booted legs were beside Ray’s body, and I could feel my boot heels digging into Ray's legs, but he wasn’t complaining. I must have started to slow because Ray grabbed me around the waist and started lifting me up and down as he assisted in driving his rock hard fat penis into me. Now Ray was fucking me relentlessly from beneath. I egged him on, telling him to fuck me harder and faster, ram it into me, make me cum, oh, I want to cum hard on your beautiful cock. It seemed to work and he upped the pace, ramming me down on his cock as hard as he could, I could feel the tip of his cock trying to enter my cervix, and it was driving me wild; it felt so good. I was crying out with sheer joy as more orgasms raked over my body, and they just kept coming one after the other.

Wil had been watching us all the time and was stroking his stiff long cock. I could see the love and lust in his eyes as he watched us, and I knew that my totally leather clad body would be turning him on and that it would not be long before he wanted to join in on the action. Therefore, I offered my rear love tunnel to him by lying down on Ray’s chest. Wil was soon at my willing anus and licking all around it, pushing a thumb into me to open me up. I loved the feeling as he licked all around my anus and right down to my cunt that Ray was thrusting into. I felt him trying to thrust his tongue into my cunt alongside Ray’s penis, and I knew he would be lapping up my love juices. Slowly, he worked his way back towards my anus, flicking his tongue over my perineum, which sent shock waves over me. Then he was pushing his tongue into my anus. Using it like a miniature penis, I felt it getting real moist there, and I was more than ready for Wil to mount me.

It wasn’t long before Wil started working his long cock into my anus. He was going very easy so not to hurt me, but I was on fire, so I told him not to hold back. Soon Wil was buried deep in my anus and with Ray’s large cock in my cunt; I was in heaven as both lovers drove into me with all their power. More orgasms were sweeping over me, and it was truly beautiful. I could feel Ray's tiring, so I told him to rest but keep it in me as the feelings of two cocks at once was bliss. So, while Ray regained his strength, Wil pounded my anus with relentless power. I have very intense orgasms with anal sex, and this was certainly the case here with Ray’s fat cock in my cunt. My clitoris was getting well stimulated being pushed on to Ray’s pelvic bone every time Wil rammed his wonderful long cock into my willing receptive anus. Soon both my lovers were ramming their beautiful cocks into me as if there was no tomorrows. I was cumming continuously, and my body was on fire with all the pleasure I was receiving. A big orgasm swept over me; my whole body shuddered, and I screamed in delight. It was enough to push both my lovers over the edge and they both shot their cum into me. I loved the feeling of my anus and cunt being filled with cum at the same time and as Wil got off me and helped me dismount from Ray, I had a feeling of utter joy and satisfaction for our fantastic love session.

Wil understands my infatuation and need for big fat cock and is happy to help me have my needs fulfilled. Wil took me in his arms and held my leather-clad body next to his; he gave me a very passionate kiss through the leather mask mouth opening, which I willingly responded to. He put his hands up to my neck, removed my diamond-studded collar, then unzipped my leather mask and removed it, and again kissed me. This time, very tenderly on the lips. I melted into his arms and told him how much I loved him. It was a very tender moment, which I truly appreciated. Ray got off the bed, and gave me a loving kiss and thanked me for a fantastic evening. I looked down at both men and could see that their penises were spent and showing little signs of life.

How many orgasms I had that evening? I don’t know, but I was one very happy lady. I glowed for days and easily got off every time I thought about it. Both Wil and Ray each gave me bunches of roses with a beautiful thank-you card. A loving touch that I sure appreciated.

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wil & nance
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Hi, My husband Wil has just posted another story about our lives. It's called "Wife Takes Another Lover" I believe he has written it fairly accurately, so enjoy.

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Dear Will and Nance,
I was about to begin to read your story and the opening remarks just stumped me. You are so damn right. I am a man and I know that our capacity to have sex is limited.
I invite you to read my post in this portal marked as "Indian couple's loving threesome with a close friend." If you have difficulty in reading it fully, please do write to me on Please do write to me your feedback.
I love you,
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