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Default MMF Threesome

My first, and only threesome was with an employee of mine and her husband. I first saw Maggie, (not her real name), on my first day of new employee orientation. She was brought in to give a portion of our orientation and also to exemplify the professionalism of the staff. Not only was she professional, she was very cute. Long dark hair, slim, and great legs packaged in dark pantyhose. Whew.

A few days later we met for the first time at the copy machine. We were the only two there and she began to whisper to me about whether or not I liked to wear womens panties. Although I do like to wear ladies lingerie on occasion, and although I consider myself to be VERY sexually experienced, I was flustered and could only stammer and turn red. She continued on about how the silky panties would feel against my cock and asked if I didn't get a hardon just thinking about it? Here I was with a very sexy and very professional woman whispering to me about my most secret fantasy and all that I could do was sweat and stammer that I was really busy. I think that if I had known her at all, if I had ever even said Hi to her, I might have had a different reaction. But here she was, a total stranger, and I did not know if she was for real or not. It turns out that she was indeed for real.

Time passed and I eventually became her supervisor. One time while I was driving with two other work associates she called me on my cell and asked me to give her phone sex right then and there. Again, I could only stammer. I mean, how could I give her phone sex while I was driving AND while two of her associates were in the car with me.

More time passed. I had seperated from my wife and one day at a slow moment Maggie mentioned that her husband was out of town and invited me over for some wine that evening. To say that I jumped at the opportunity would be an understatement.

I arrived at her door that evening and she acted surprised that I was there. She invited me in and said that she never really expected me to actually show up, and then introduced me to her husband Phil who apparantly WAS in town. I explained to Phil how Maggie had invited me over for a glass of wine, and then presented him with the very nice bottle of Red that I had brought over for the occasion. He graciously got three glasses out and invited me to sit down and relax.

I sat opposite the couple on an easy chair as they sat together on the coach. I learned that Phil was an attorney. He stands about 5'10", is fit and has blonde hair. One bottle led to another, and then a third. We were having a great time talking. At some point Maggie laid down across Phils lap and he began to rub her bottom under her skirt. The she told me how she was wearing a new thong. Somehow her skirt ended up bunched up around her waist. It happened so naturally that it seemed, well, natural! Thats when I got up to use the rest room for the first time that night.

When I came out the living room was empty and Phil called me into the next room, their bedroom. They were both naked and he was on top of her thrusting away as she lay under him with her legs splayed. He told me that there was some pot on the dresser if I liked, and invited me to join them. WhooHoo!

I stripped off my clothes and sat on the side of the bed playing with her prominant nipples that stood up like erasers from her tiny pert breasts. Phil got off of her and invited me to take his place. I started by diving into her pussy. Her lips were dark, prominant, and open. I licked and sucked on her juicy pussy until I had hyad me fill. She also had a very full bush of hair that they were both proud of. I workd my way up and dipped my cock into her soaking pussy. Phil and I then took turns for the next hour until we both came in her.

Maggie then rolled over to go to sleep. Phil saw my new hardon and came over to suck on me. Again we both took turns, but I really did not want him to cum in my mouth (boy have things changed since then). I finished him off with my hand and then he let me explode in his mouth.

I bid them adieu and thanked them for a wonderful evening. After that they were only interested in having a 4some with my girlfriend, but she was not interested (drat). However, I still think of them when I jerk off and do not have any porn to look at.
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WOW!!! that was HOOOOOOOOOOT!!! love it
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very hot story
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So hot, very nice story. I love that you got to cum inside.
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Old 07-11-2011, 08:43 AM   #5
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Default Loved your story!

A MMF threesome is always so much better when the guys aren't afraid to touch or even suck one-another. If you all like it there is nothing much better!
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Thumbs up memories

Very good story, for us. Good memories for you.
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