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Gail...ADT Part 33

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Default Gail...ADT Part 33

I never met a more plain speaking guy in my life then Clerk. He knew what he wanted and just came out and pretense. I actually grew to like him and trust him with Gail. He also seemed to know Gail better in one week than I did after 27 years knowing her and 23 years married to that time. He knew her wants and needs and what she truly desired at this time in her life.When he entered the room that night and saw Gail devouring Paula's pussy and ass with her mouth and face,he also knew he and the others could push her to new heights of sexual use, and, gail would not utter a single negative sound or look my way for approval. Not only did Fat Guy Skinny and cabbie accompanied Clerk; Son and his friend Alex trailed in behind thier elders.Once they were all in the room the polaroids went right to flashing.There were at least 2 of that type camera and one regular film camera which would subsequently bring me to ask how they got it developed without questions or naive I was back then. I also wanted to ask why Clerk had changed his mind about Son but that could wait until later or tomorrow. Right now, I was going to enjoy the 'Gail Show' like no other show since we arrived here. My cock was already in my hand and i was about to get to using gail in some way when the others arrived. Now i'd be satisfied to watch them and maybe add my cum to thier's on her body at some point.They were all hooting with every slurping sound or intake of air Gail made as she soaked Paulas holes with saliva and tears. She was crying like a baby as she lost herself in submissive bliss. She seemed unaware of the others presence as she performed her task on her newest Master.Paula was coming constantly and the men loved this visual.The whirring sounds which accompanied each flash in the room finally got inside Gail's head and she moaned even louder than Paula.Gails hnd was busy on her own cunt and clerk commented on how good she was at remembering instructions. Son wanted Gail completely naked and moved behind gail and removed her heels and fishnets as she shoved her tongue deep into Paulas huge black holes. Once gail was completely naked except for her collar and leash, Son knelt behind her and had Alex spread her ass cheeks so he could better photograph her open holes. Watching this had my cock at record length.All the men were still fully clothed apparently stunned by what they were seeing. Son and Alex seemed facinated by thier first woman on woman sex....especially black and white was I. Others got onto the bed and took pictures from different angles as the two sluts came over and over. Cabbie had them reverse roles and positions and the now kneeling Paula went to work eating Gails pussy and ass. As Gail lay on the bed face up, the now naked Son straddled Gails head and lowered his ass onto her face. Gail alternatly licked his balls and asshole as he pinched and kneaded her nipples and tits. Cabbie got behind Paula and began fucking her doggie style.Gail was cumming repeatedly from being eaten and eating Son's asshole. Son jerked hios cock while watching Paula being fucked and shot his load on Gails tits and belly. Alex replaced Son's ass on Gail's face with his own. he grinded his as up and down gails face as he played with his dick. He watched Skinny move Cabbie and Paula away from Gails body and entered Gail's ass missionary style. Skinny slid right into her saliva soaked asshole as Alex repositioned himself and stuck his cock in Gails waiting mouth. There were now 6 naked black men and one naked black women using or about to use gail's snow white body. I was working on shooting my second load onto the carpet and the party had just begun. The sounds Gail was making were different than her sober grunts and moans and clerk asked if she was drunk. When I told him she was they all laughed and hooted loudly. After Skinny came in Gail's ass they placed her on all fours on the floor. Fat guy immediately was in Gail's asshole as Paula stood at her other end holding her leash.Fat Guy grabbed the back of Gail's hair and tolted her head up toward the ceiling.This prompted paula to finger fuck Gails mouth and slap her face. She called gail a white slut whore and told her she had to earn those black cocks in her pussy. Gail moaned like a whore . Clerk came over to me and told me he was going to shoot a load in Gail's unprotected pussy "really dont make any difference now right?" My cock in my hand watching Gail in action had my head slowly He was right it really did not matter at this point. I was not quite sure if she noticed Clerks cock was bare as he humped her pussy like a dog . I had not even wiped her asshole after fat guy had just came in it. She was now sucking Son's cock as he watched his father fucking her pussy and I was probably more lost in the moment than Gail was...if thats possible. Alex and Cabbie were kneeling on the floor reaching under gails body and tweaking her tits and nipples...and callingher nasty names. Clerk and his Son were about to shoot loads into gail from both ends of her body while Paula held her leash. This was all too much for me to take in at one time and I quickly added to my cum puddle on the carpet. If I was feeling all of this so deeply what throws was gails mind and body in at that very moment.Fat Guy stood on the bed taking pictures. Cabbie said" This slut belongs at ray's in Cleaveland for a night" Paula chimed in "Damn right ,I didnt even think of that...this slut is made for Rays" Paula looked over at me as she pulled gails leash taut. Youd love to watch your old lady there". Clerk gruntede and came inside gail...he seemed very pleased with doing that and I think it was his first time in her pussy also. Cabbie started spanking gails ass and telling son to get in her pussy now. Son entered gails cunt as Fat guy shoved his cock in her mouth. Son's slapped Gails ass harder than ever before trelling her she was his property.Gail moaned and salivated all over fat guys cock as she came over and to be continued.
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