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Sofa Stroking

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Default Sofa Stroking

last night we were sitting together on the couch just watching TV. I wanted my tits stroking though so i got off the couch and sat on the floor leaning my back against the couch so Mike could put his hands on my firm little tits and hard nipples. I never ever ever wear a bra, not even for work, so he was feeling my tits through my top and not a bra.

We both wanted to feel more so i took my top off so his hands were directly on my skin and we watched TV like this for about 30 mins but the tension was building in both of us so i turned round, knelt up and pulled his jeans down to suck his prick

at the same time he was pushing mine down too. I never ever wear underwear either so once they were down his hands were on my cunt straight away with no knickers in the way

i wriggled out of my jeans to be naked so i could get my legs apart to feel his fingers on me and in me

He wanted to suck me so we changed positions, him naked on the floor on his hands and knees and me sitting on the couch with both legs on the floor with him between them

he lifted my legs up to suck my cunt before pushing his erect prick all the way inside me. I come easily and often and am multi orgasmic so i was coming a lot being fucked like this

he fucked me until i had had several orgasms then went back to sucking me, the orgasms had released sweet juices which he sucked and licked up before pushing himself back inside my cunt

his prick was so wet that the next time he had come out and sucked me he nudged it against my arse and pushed a bit. his prick was so lubed up with my juices it slipped all the way up me very easily.

once i had adjusted to being fucked there rather than my cunt he picked up the pace again and was pounding me so that his groin was squeezing against my clit and making me tingle like crazy. We dont do anal all the time but when we do we both love it

he continued to fuck me there but his groin banging against my clit was heavenly and when he told me he was ready to come i asked if he wanted to stay where he was and come in my arse. silly question !!

he upped the pace until i felt him squirt up inside me and i came at the same time
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