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living with Grandmother

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Default living with Grandmother

When i was a teenager I went to live with my Grandmother in the City , I was turning 17 and getting ready to join the Navy
My Old Grandmother was tiny and cute and had a few friends came over for a drink sometimes
I went into her bedroom one morning to just see if she was up yet on a Sunday , and saw this Hugh dildo laying on her nightstand , it was a big cock with balls and I had never seen one of these before , I had a few friends before moving to her place in the city , and we had played around with one another Naked sometimes , But this was Hugh compared to ours
I picked it up and was just holding it and looking it over and my Grandmother woke up and asked me what i was doing ?
I was surprised and she saw what i had and asked me to give it to her , She told me it was a play toy and her Boy friend gave it to her when he was away to enjoy
she said i should know what it is by now and that if i didn't should get out more often with friends , I told her it was relay big and i had never seen anything as big as that was
She laughed and asked me if my little cock ever got hard lately . I was about to die standing there talking to my Grandmother and embarrassed because i was actually hard in my pajamas and thought she surely saw my bulging front sticking out
She asked me to come closer and reached out and felt my hard cock which wasn't all that small relay , maby 6" she pulled my Jammie's down and felt me all over fondling my cock and balls , Then she turned me around and slapped me hard on my ass and told me to get out of there and go take care of that
I quickly ran out and back to my own bed rm and jerked off and was so embarrassed ..
Latter talking to my Granny she asked me if I felt better now ..and if i had taken care of my little problem
Granny is a hot little Lady i came to the conclusion and figured out the older friends that came visiting must be a lot of fun for her ..
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