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Cool The Twins Mom

The right time, wrong twin Prequel
Sorry y'all it took me so long to write this up for those who asked but sadly with my job I don't always have access to a computer.

I was doing both the Military and College thing at the same time and although it was not easy I got a security gig with the College to live on Campus for free and then got my housing allowance for the Military (sweet deal) and I got a call over the radio to respond to a complaint call and I went over to the girls dorm and knocked on the door and I almost passed out when it was my ex high school sweethearts twin sister that "tricked" me into having sex with her (for the over serious morons out there it's a joke). Needless to say she was very happy to see me because she had some guy that kept bothering her and the fact she actually knew me calmed her down. Well, we stayed in touch on a daily basis but for some reason we never hooked up other than that one awesome night. Well, it was a weekend and I was doing my rounds and saw her Mom leaving the dorms so being polite I went and asked her how she was doing and if she remembered me and she said "How can I forget my Ex-Husband hates you when he found out you had slept with both his daughters" well I did not have much to say other than It's been nice talking to you. About a month went by and then I saw her again and it looked as if she had been crying so I was going to be real quick and say hi and bye and when I said it's good to see you again Mrs. XXXXXX" she starting sobbing and said she did not want her daughters to see her crying so I invited her into my room (a dorm apartment so bigger than most) and just told her to take her time while I fixed her a drink. She said "Justin, I am so sorry I know we have never really got along but I have always thought you were a good guy and sweet just had a little wild streak in you" I continued to listen and she said "The reason I am crying is right before I left Jenn's room I found out my ex husband had an affair before we split" I told her how that was awful and she deserves better and now comes the part that sounds like fiction but I am not that smart she said "You know I never had the courage to have an affair so I can never get back at him that way since we are split but I need some stress relief and if your anything like I remember you are always up for some fun" I was sort of stunned because she was always very proper and then she said it "I would like to have sex with you so I can tell him because that will piss him off to no ends " I mean come on guys who am I to leave a very attractive recently divorced woman crying. I fixed her another drink I still had not said anything so I sat down beside her starting rubbing her neck and I said "I want you to have some time to think about doing this so lay down and let me massage you and you just do as I say and if at any point you change your mind you can get up and walk away" She agreed and layed down and I was massaging her back then I went to her legs and slowly but firmly massaged up and down both of them while each time I got to the butt area I would make sure to slowly graze her vaginal area gently. I then raised the back of her strawberry blonde hair and softly kissed her neck and she tensed just a little so I asked if she wanted more and she nodded yes so I had her take her top off and she had a beautiful body (I am not talking Victoria Secret kind I am talking about a real woman type of body and maybe that just makes sense to me). We went back to the bedroom where I took out some lotions and did the massaging thing for about 45 minutes something that I love because I can just study the woman's curves and just gaze at this amazing creation God made that is a female. I then started kissing up and down her legs watching her body movement and she was responding in a good way so I continued and I asked her if she wanted to go a little further and she nodded again so I took off her bra and panties and now as I was rubbing I was hitting all her more sensitive areas and she starting moaning just a little so I placed a pillow underneath her stomach and I gently got on top of her at the base of her legs and started kissing and running my tongue up and down her legs, to her butt, and I would run my tongue up her back and slowly breath on the same spots coming back down. I took my fingers to test and see if she wanting me and she did so I leaned in and whispered "I am going to make you forget about everything" and she nodded again, and that's when I spread her legs just a little further apart and I took my cock that was more than eager and slowly slid it inside her and I got about 2 inches inside and she actually was very tight and then no more drag almost a pop as I slid the rest inside her and she let out a moan that makes me horny just thinking about it. I just kept going slow with her and then I told her to roll over and I took my tongues and started rolling her earrings with it, went down her neck, and then right before I started kissing her breasts I looked her in the eyes and told her that she was one of the most beautiful woman I have known and that I had always thought about being with her and how much I wanted her and she pulled my head down and we started kissing very deeply and she became very aggressive and she worked her way down my chest and then she smiled and she took my cock into her hand stroked it a few times and then started slowly licking my head and then deep throating me a few times. I told her to stop that I would rather pleasure her and she said "how about we compromise" and I said sure so she spun around and she put that amazing pussy in my face and I just did my thing and you could tell when I did something she liked because she could not give me head because of moaning. I finally had enough and asked her if I could get put out of my misery and she got on her back and I put my dick back inside of her and was going slow just watching her close her eyes and throw her arms back in forth and then I started going faster, then a little, faster, and then she screamed out "Harder, harder, OMG, HARDER," I was about to throw a hip I was throwing it in so hard and then all of a sudden she just collapsed so I slowed my roll and she had me get on my back and as I did she started rocking her hips back and forth and then I started reaching my peak I told her I was about to cum and if she needed off and she just grinned and rocked harder and faster until I could last no more I exploded inside her and it was one of the hardest orgasms I had ever had and as we cooled down she and I got dressed talked a little more and she said "Do you care if I snap a picture of us" and I was like um ok sure and she did and I found out later when Jenn came cussing me out that she sent it to her ex and all it said was not only did he fuck your daughters but he got your wife too and notice I did not put ex wife I thought you should know the truth since we all were coming clean about our sins"
This may not be the greatest story and I know some have a lot better but for me this is one of the greatest moments sexual I have ever had. Remember that we as men should worship the female body as it is able to do so many things and that regardless of a woman's shape she still is beautiful as each different shape represents another wonderland you get to explore and if you take your time and get her to the peak then you will have conquered what very few men can.

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