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Husband's Boss Jerks Off On My Face Pt 3

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Husband's Boss Jerks Off On My Face Pt 3

Just as Rex turned to unlock the door there was a knock and I heard Andrew ask if everything was alright. Rex opened the door and Rex said that everything was great and that we had settled the argument after I was able to see it in person. "Isn't that right Jennifer? I showed it to her and she was impressed, very impressed, right Jenny?" "Yes," I answered, "Very impressive indeed, thanks Rex. Well I must be going, still have those errands to run, bye Andrew, take care Rex." I gave Andrew a kiss and made my way out as I told Andrew I loved him and would see him later after work. I heard Rex say he wanted to go back to the table and finish those martinis before going back to work and I heard him laugh as they started talking again.
As I got in the car my mind was racing and I wasn't sure what had just happened. My plan of teaching Rex a lesson about screwing around on his wife had somehow backfired and now I was the one looking to screw around on my husband. My mind filled with all the different scenarios that could play out-do I tell Andrew? What are Rex and he talking about now? Should I go through with it? But if I don't will Rex take it out on Andrew at work, or even fire him? But how do I know he won't tell him if I do meet with him?
I slept very restlessly that night and I had dreams of Rex's cock ejaculating all over my face and in my mouth. I woke up the next morning intent on meeting up with Rex and not telling my husband anything. I figured that if I let Rex come on my face it might give Andrew a boost at work and if Rex ever told him I would just deny it and that would be that. A perfect plan, I thought.
The next day I went about business as usual, went to aerobics class, did some housework then freshened up for my meet up with Rex. I changed into my thong panty and push-up bra with my gym shorts and track jacket. I figured that way if I showed him my tits I could put the jacket on quickly and get out without much fuss. I jumped in the car and headed to the bar. When I got there I drove around the lot to see if there were any familiar cars just in case and thinking that all was clear I parked near the front door and went in.
The bar was pretty dead and as my eyes adjusted to the low light I scanned the place for Rex but he wasn't there yet. I went to a corner table and sat down with a view toward the door to wait. I was there for about 20 minutes and several people had come into the bar but still no Rex. I was just about to leave when the door opened again and in he came. There was something different about him though, something more attractive in a way that I had not really noticed before. Rex was actually a very handsome man. He was about 6' tall, medium build, with kind of a cheesy mustache and greying hair. He was about 40, still better than 10 years older than Andrew and I. I could see now why his wife had put up with his crap for all these years. And with a dick like his, almost the perfect man!
I smiled when he saw me and he started walking towards me. He had a stern look on his face and as I began to speak he said "Are you ready to do this Jennifer? Come on then, I don't have much time today." He motioned for me to get up and he took my arm and we walked back to the restrooms. I felt a little uncomfortable with his attitude, but didn't have much choice at this point so I followed his lead as we entered the ladies room and he again locked the door behind us. As I turned he was wasting no time and was loosening his tie and unbuttoning his collar. He took off his coat and hung it on the rack as he was pulling his tie up over his head. "Come on Honey, I haven't got all day, take off your clothes.." He said as he unbuttoned his shirt and began to remove it. For the first time I got to see Rex's chiseled features-his arms, his chest, even his stomach were toned and firm and looked as though he worked out a lot. I turned around and placed my purse on the vanity while watching Rex in the mirror as he undid his pants and pulled them off. I caught him watching me too as I unzipped the track jacket and began to pull it open, exposing my cleavage and the flimsy bra beneath. He grinned and bent down pulling his boxers off and I again saw his giant cock swaying between his legs, only now it was starting to show signs of life that I hadn't seen the day before. "That's right baby, my cock senses there's a sweet little pussy nearby and it thinks it's going to get a little taste..can't stop it now baby, " he chuckled as he stood naked and began to approach me from behind. I felt his cock head touch my ass as he gently placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned in saying "you smell good today Jennifer, very good." "Thank you Rex," I answered as he stared at my reflection in the mirror, "and you look even better Jenny." I smiled at him as I watched his hands move down my shoulders and cup my breasts and I felt his weight against me from behind. His throbbing cock was beating against my ass and I felt it twitch and move as it continued to expand and grow. "You know Baby", He said "My balls are really aching after that little tease you gave me yesterday, I mean I had a real bad case of blue-balls last night and they are ready to blow today Jennifer!" Rex began kissing my neck and massaging my tits and I soon felt very uneasy about what was happening. "Rex" I said "you know we're not fucking right? I mean, I said you could jerk off on my face but that's it, right? You know that, alright Rex??" Rex's face turned sour and he scowled at me and backed away as he spoke "Yes Jennifer, I know that but I only thought I might try to see if you were interested in something more...something more gratifying perhaps." He grasped his enormous penis with his right hand as he spoke and began to stroke it, "No matter Jennifer, just start taking off your clothes, ok? No more bullshit honey, this is for real and I've got shit to do you know?" He motioned with his left hand for me to turn and face him. "Now take off your bra and let me see those tits, honey.." I did as I was told and reached around and undid the bra and bent forward slightly to let the bra fall to the floor. "Nice baby, those are some really nice tits..those aren't real are they Jennifer? Did Andrew buy you those tits honey? He did didn't he..well that was money well spent I must say. Good job Andy!" He laughed as he continued "How big are those Jennifer? C or D cups?" "34-C's" I said "And yes, we did get these just last year, you are the only man besides Andrew and the doctor to ever see them. Hope you like them.." "Oh Yes Jenny I like them a lot! In fact when I was squeezing them before I knew those were fake tits but I said to myself I thought they really felt good and must be pretty new.." He began stroking his cock harder and faster now as he again approached, "May I kiss them Jennifer?" he asked as he leaned in to taste them. Again, I was shocked by his arrogance as he started to lick the nipple before getting my response but I moaned as he sucked the nipple into his mouth and he reached for the other breast with his left hand and began to squeeze it, as he sucked harder and pinched the nipple with his teeth. "Ouch!", I squealed as he moved his mouth to the waiting nipple in his hand and began to suck it hard into his mouth. Rex was really squeezing and sucking my tits as he moved in closer and I saw his cock as he stroked it. It was even bigger and seemed much larger than the cock in the video and I began to wonder if that was him at all. "Rex, you're cock is getting really, really big." "I know baby, because you are turning me on so much..don't you like it's a compliment Jennifer, don't you think?" He asked as he stood and his saliva dripped from his tongue and left a thin film on my tits. His mouth was shiny and his mustache glistened. As he straightened up he moved forward and his cock pressed into my tummy as he again began stroking it with his left hand. He reached for my hair and brushed it back with his fingers to get a good look at my face..He was just a few inches away and I again could feel the beating of his enormous cock against my skin. "Rex," I said, "Please don't OK?" I asked and he again backed off and looked angry, "OK Jennifer, OK, let's go ahead and finish this OK? Now take off your shorts and panties, I want to see if there's anything else fake about you, honey," he shouted. "What?" I protested "Are you talking about? I never said anything about showing you my pussy Rex." "Look Jennifer" he growled "I told you that you would have to put on a show for me and that's it, OK? Now I want to see that pussy and I especially want to see if that blonde hair on your head matches what you've got between your legs, OK? I mean fake-titty blondes are a dime-a-dozen so I just want to know if there is anything real about you or not, OK? I mean you've seen me 100% completely, and from head to toe I'm real, so drop those shorts and let me see that PUSSY!" I didn't like being talked to that way but I wanted to prove I was a real blonde so I did as I was told and pulled down my gym shorts and he got his first view of my thong panties. As I began to pull the straps of the thong down around my hips my blonde pubic hair began to be visible and he moaned "OK, alright baby, that's right baby, my, my, my, you are a real blonde aren't you Jenny??" I smiled as he said "Now Jennifer, turn around and bend over, I want to see that pretty blonde pussy from behind, OK baby??" I did as I was asked and bent over and pulled the thong down my ass and exposed the soft, wet vagina to him. As I looked back I could see him furiously stroking his now giant cock with his right hand and massaging his big balls with his left. His cock was at least a foot long and fully erect. The veins were popping and the plum-sized purple head was pointing directly at me. Suddenly, Rex lurched forward leading his big cock head towards my pussy and before I could raise up he had his hands on my back and had thrust his penis between my legs and I felt the shaft as it brushed along my pelvis and emerged below my belly-button. He continued to pull the cock back and thrust it again, back and forth as the shaft rubbed my clit each time it slid across my pelvis..For a moment I thought ‘what the hell, why not let this monster cock fuck me?’. But then, as suddenly as it had started, Rex backed away and began to jerk off again with both hands this time. “I just had to let my cock get a little feel of your pussy Jennifer, I hope you don’t mind, do you honey?” He asked coyly as though I had a choice in the matter. “No, not at all Rex, it felt really good, just let me know next time, OK?” I retorted. ”Next time Baby?” he asked “OK!” he laughed as he began to really jerk off hard. Rex would pull the giant appendage up and let it flop back down as he would rake his fingers over the shaft and scratch it as he was beginning to hunch over and his knees began to bend. His rhythmic hand motions were quick, steady, and hypnotic and his penis looked ready to explode. Suddenly, Rex again growled "Come here Jennifer, come here right now and get down in front of me, on your knees Jennifer, NOW, Jenny NNNOOOOW!" I dropped to my knees as he thrust his hips forward and grabbed the top of my head with both hands-he was pulling my head in close, so close the penis head hit my nose and I watched as the cock started convulsing up and down and his balls had flattened and retreated up into his pelvis, as the juice-laden penis swelled one last time, and his hips began bucking and his legs and ass tightened. I felt as though I was staring down the barrel of a shotgun when at last the purple head burst and Rex yelled as I watched the first white stream pour out and hit me in the forehead. I tried to back away but Rex kept a firm grip and moved in tandem with me, keeping the cock head no further than 3 or 4 inches away, as the now gulping cock would rear up and release stream after stream of salty, white ropes on my face, in my hair, on my tits, belly, arms and legs. I winced as come started filling my eyes, and I started tasting his come in my mouth and in my nose. The globby warmth would splish, and splash, and bounce, and drip, and ooze and I felt that it might never end. Finally as I struggled to breath, I heard Rex begin to chuckle and laugh softly as I felt a few last spurts of semen hit my chin and drip onto my tits. I felt some of the slippery sperm even roll down my chest and tummy and into my crotch. I imagine some of the lucky little devils might have even made their way into my pussy. I opened my eyes and began to take in what had just happened. My first sight was of Rex, standing above me, with a big grin and sweat dripping from his face. He was still stroking the deflating cock and still more of the come would dribble out as he squeezed the very last drops out and directed them onto my face, cheek, lips and tits. He even rubbed the cock head against my mouth and pushed it in a bit so I might taste more of his sperm and I gave him a few licks just to soothe him. Soon I was licking and sucking the head into my mouth and found myself cleaning the cock of all the come, even squeezing my tits and licking and sucking the semen into my mouth and swallowing it. Rex was sighing and breathing easier now that his milky load had been delivered. I was amazed at the sheer volume of sperm and semen all over me. My neck, chest, and legs were completely glazed with streaks of milky come and a large puddle had formed on the floor in front of me. I felt beads of come drip from my nose and forehead as I started to stand and more of the creamy mess began to drizzle off my body and drip onto the floor. My plan of making a quick escape had vanished as I started to clean myself up with the paper towels and water from the sink. "Well, Jennifer, that was really something. I mean that was A LOT of come...did you like that baby?" He asked as he was getting dressed. “Yes, Rex, that was great. Thank you.” I said as I continued to try my best to clean the now sticky jism off my body and in my hair. I looked in the mirror for the first time and got a glimpse of myself, a slimy mess, globs of sperm were stuck in my hair and eyelashes. My eyebrows were splattered and one eyelid was stuck shut. My makeup was smeared and I looked as though I had been rode hard and put up wet. The come had been splattered all over my tits and chest, and down my tummy and there were still stringy globs all over me, even in my pubic hair. Rex had finished dressing and was at the door when he said “Bye Jennifer, hope you were impressed, let’s do it again soon, OK?” he laughed as he unlocked the door and began to open it. “But wait Rex, wait for a minute please I haven’t even dressed yet!” “Don’t worry baby, you look great! Haha”. He chuckled as he opened the door and walked out. I immediately ran to the door to lock it again and finished cleaning up and then got dressed. As I left the bar I saw the waitress from the video and she smirked at me and smiled knowingly as I trudged out the door and found my car. I noticed a note on the car and opened it. It read: “Be here tomorrow at noon. Or else. Rex.”
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What a fucking wanker. I hope you've done somethiing to get even with this guy.
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Default Next

I assume that all your stories are not truesexstories and are in fact fictionalsexstories given all the characters, both male and female, that you use in your stories?
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very sexy story this is a 10
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Amazing story, I hope we get more parts to this tale.
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